Eileen Chiang is a designer, photographer and founder of Days of Wonder, a branding and digital studio based in San Francisco.


A lifelong travel addict, Eileen has visited 34 countries to date. Tripadore is where Eileen shares the trials and tribulations along with the sublime discoveries experienced and found on the road.


Eileen’s passion for transformative travel experiences motivates her creative and professional endeavors every day. She aims to capture the dignity and humanity in our man-made and natural worlds. Her photography can be seen on EileenSees.


In the fall of 2014, Eileen and her husband Jacob, a fly fishing and nature loving Swede, acquired five acres of stream front land in the Catskills Region.  By choosing not to build, the land remains a virgin corner of wild vegetation.  Home to humming birds, native trout species and a local bald eagle population, Fly & Feather is established as a nature camp available for seasonal rentals.


Days of Wonder is a SF based branding and digital studio focused on serving clients in travel, hospitality and fashion world wide. Lead by an user first philosophy often practiced by industrial design, the studio has worked with brands big and small delivering meaningful experiences that pushes the boundary of excellence.

Branding & Digital Design